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Eliminate Dead Time

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Court time is pretty precious, by most accounts. The principle is, have less standing around, fewer speeches, more players playing, and fewer players doing non-volleyball actions.
Here’s a little math for you (not too much though…)

Your practice is worth one day of playing time.

24 hours
x 60 minutes
1440 minutes in one full day

12 players
x 2 hour practice (120 minutes)
1440 minutes in a typical volleyball practice

10 minute speech while you are on court
x 12 players
120 minutes or 2 hours of play, for that 10 minute speech.


When players get to the gym, they are anxious to get out and play. Why not let them? Get a good tournament going, burn some of the nervous energy, let them catch up a bit about their day, and then consider starting your talk, once they are more prepared to listen. Or, don’t have that speech at all, unless it’s truly needed.

What are you doing to eliminate “dead time” when you are on the court?

Some suggestions;

  • Arrive early to set up.
  • Post your practice plan, so the players know what’s coming next.
  • If you have equipment, get your assistant working on the next drill before the current drill is over.
  • Eliminate drink breaks; tell them to get a drink when they like, even during a drill. They will hustle back, and there is no standing in line.
  • Play small sided games, so that when you stop one court, the others can keep going.

Figure out ways to maximize your precious court time, and do the large-group speeches before and after practice.

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